1st September

XPS and your NARPO Contributions

Unlike previous years, I am please to report that all XPS deductions were successfully processed and their Administrative System worked perfectly. Currently, some members are finding difficulties logging into their Online Portal but I have yet to find out definitively why this is occurring as the majority have accessed their records without issue. I will provide an update in due course – Dave Short, Branch Secretary.

20th March 2023

Widows Pensions for Life

Unfortunately, the High Court ruled against the NARPO legal team on this and they are looking at what options there might be to continue this fight for justice.

8 September

What Covid-19 means for triple lock and state pension inflation

From Pensions Policy Institute, a pdf document detailing was Covid 19 means for the triple lock and state pension inflation. Please click here.

26 August

Equiniti online and letter

Some members have questioned the letter they received in the last day or so from Equiniti inviting members to register for their Portal.

Some are also worried about the fact that personal details are required.

We can confirm that this is a genuine letter with only one issue. The problem is that so many have tried to register causing the site to crash at one point so maybe try again in a few days’ time.

The Secretary received the following from our pension rep, Rep Graham Bradley, with regards to what it may be.

“Fundamentally, at this time it will provide retired members, who register, on-line access to view their pension benefits in payment, their contact details and the ability to amend them where necessary. It will also give them access to their pension payment advice slips, annual P60’s, other relevant documents. Going forward it will also include Basic Scheme Information and Pension Board Meeting information.”

20th March 2023

Information the surviving spouse of the pension holder

For those worried what will happen with regards widows pension entitlement. The system is as follows:
1. When XPS are notified of the death they will prepare a Bereavement Pack to send to the surviving spouse or representative to complete. 
2. If the last pension payment was received within the month that the person passed away then the family can retain any ‘excess’.
3. If the payment was received after the date of death then this will be recovered in due course.

Payment to the widow will be at the full pension rate for 13 weeks and then will reduce to the relevant Widows rate after that. Occasionally this can take some time to resolve depending on when the Bereavement Pack is completed etc. but it will be backdated. The company is happy to receive the notification from family, Sussex Police or Branch Secretary to get the ball rolling